Fresh Express Salad Kits and Recipes

All Hail
Our new kits have all the fresh flavor you love, now in organic. Have a taste of Classic Caesar, Sweet Dijon Onion and Pomegranate Cranberry.
Herb Salad with Fresh Figs
Fresh figs, goat cheese and toasted pine nuts on our Fresh Herb Salad.
It’s as fresh and sweet as a strawberry. It’s our new Strawberry Fields Kit™ filled with nutritious spinach, bits of sweet dried strawberries, crunchy almonds and strawberry vinaigrette.
What’s Your Fresh Thinking?
Week of 5/25/17
Happy National Salad Month! We've partnered with Litehouse Foods and NatureSweet Tomatoes to bring you #31DaysofSalad!
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For National Salad Month, we’re teaming up with @NStomatoes and @LitehouseFoods to bring you 31 days of salad! Day 1 starts now with the Farmer’s Market Veggie Salad – deliciously simple and crunchy!

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Organic Matters

What makes our organic salads officially
“organic”? Let us explain!