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Breathable Bag

Breathable Bag

Did you know lettuces continue to breathe after they’re picked? That’s why we designed
breathable bags for all our bagged salads to keep that just-picked flavor you love.
How Do Keep-Crisp® Bags Work?
After your Fresh Express salad is thoroughly washed, rinsed and gently dried, it is sealed in our Keep-Crisp bag. These special breathable bags are designed to allow just the right amount of oxygen in and carbon dioxide to escape so your salad stays fresh longer than without the special bag.
No Preservatives Necessary
The first step toward a fresh salad is starting with the best seeds. Then we harvest at the peak of ripeness.
Different Bags for Different Bagged Salad Leaves
Since all salad leaves are not the same, we’ve carefully matched each Fresh Express
salad mix to a specific kind of Keep-Crisp® bag for optimum freshness that’s
But how do we keep that just-picked flavor? We call it our “cold chain” and it starts when the salad leaves the field. Cold temperatures are critical to freshness. That’s why our “cold chain” works hard to keep our salads chilled every step of the way on their journey to you.
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