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Who is Fresh Express?
Fresh Express is a leading manufacturer of fresh and delicious salads. Our headquarters are located in Windermere, Florida. We produce fresh, ready-to-eat salads, fruits and vegetables – all grown and harvested under the most exacting standards, thoroughly washed and specially packaged to maintain the utmost freshness.

We pioneered the “Keep-Crisp® Bag” that made it possible for people all across the country to buy packaged salads at their local grocery stores. And ever since that breakthrough, we’ve been creating other “firsts” along with a host of new great-tasting ready-to-eat selections for our consumers to enjoy.
Why is Fresh Express a leader in salad making?
Commitment to our consumers and the ongoing desire to win their hearts and smiles is what drives our success. We are also committed to continuous innovation and improvement in produce technology throughout every aspect of our business.

We value our consumers and our customers and focus our business on meeting their needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that the special journey taken by each salad receives the state-of-the-art care and attention necessary for maximum freshness, flavor, safety and overall appeal. Millions of people eat Fresh Express salads every week – that’s our continuing motivation and reward.
Do I need to wash Fresh Express packaged salads?
All Fresh Express salads are already thoroughly washed, carefully prepared and ready to use. Re-washing fresh-cut salads will not harm the product quality. However, if consumers choose to re-wash the salads, it is important to use food-safe and sanitary washing and drying conditions in order to reduce the potential for cross-contamination.
What does Fresh Express do to assure salads are safe?
At Fresh Express, food safety is our number one priority throughout our entire company. We believe strongly that you have the right to expect salads that are fresh and safe. Our food safety requirements begin right in the field with growing and harvesting practices and continue all the way through until our salads reach your grocer.

We meet – and in numerous instances exceed – the food safety requirements established by government – and have for the past several years. Although we are recognized for our leadership in food safety, we would never rest on our past laurels or successes. We have a program in place to continuously evaluate all of our food safety practices to make sure they’re as strong as they can be and working effectively. For food safety and freshness, you can count on Fresh Express. Learn more about our safety standards here.
Do Fresh Express salads contain preservatives?
No. Our fresh, pre-cut packaged vegetables maintain their superior freshness without the use of additives or preservatives. Our “Keep-Crisp® Bag” is custom-made to keep our products fresh and flavorful without the use of preservatives.
What’s the best way to store Fresh Express salads?
Our packaging is designed to maintain peak freshness, but keeping them cool – just as in your grocer’s produce section – is important. Take your salads home promptly and store them upright in your refrigerator for the best results.
What makes Fresh Express packaging special?
Our “Keep-Crisp® Bag” is based on advancements in modified atmosphere technology and utilizes a unique permeable plastic film that regulates the oxygen content within the bag to control the salad’s natural “breathing rate.” This maintains freshness, quality and product integrity to ensure you receive salads of superior freshness and flavor. Learn more about our bag technology here.
How long after opening can we continue to enjoy Fresh Express Salads?
Fresh Express products are preservative free. For optimal freshness, a “best if used by” date is located in the upper right-hand corner of each bag. All Fresh Express salads are packaged in our special “Keep-Crisp® Bag.” The more oxygen the lettuce is exposed to, the more quickly it will lose its freshness. Therefore, once the “Keep-Crisp® Bag” is opened, we recommend that you enjoy remaining portions within the following few days.
Where can I buy Fresh Express salads?
In the produce departments of leading retail supermarkets, grocery stores and mass merchandisers nationwide.
How many different kinds of salads do you make?
People love the convenience, simplicity, freshness and number of choices of fresh-cut salads offered by Fresh Express. You can see all of our salads for yourself here. Today, there’s no waste, mess or need to buy multiple heads of lettuce in order to serve and enjoy a wide range of flavorful salads and greens. Fresh and healthy are the hallmarks of Fresh Express. After all, “Fresh” is our first name.
Does Fresh Express offer organic salad greens?
Yes. We offer many varieties of organic greens. See all Fresh Express organic products here.
Can I buy salads complete with dressing?
Absolutely. We offer many delicious salad kits. See all of our salad kit offerings here.
Can I buy salads in family size packages?
Definitely. We have many products available in sizes that feed 4 or more people. See all of our family size products.
How can I learn more about Fresh Express products?
Browse our products to learn more about the exciting salads and other fresh cut products we offer. We have a whole section of recipes, too. Not sure what you’re looking for? Try our crave tool to find what you’re craving.
What is the history of Fresh Express?
Fresh Express began with the dream of early 20th century produce pioneer Bruce Church and those who followed in his footsteps. Church began to experiment with cooling methods and found that by packing lettuce just a certain way in ice, he could keep it fresh and crisp.
In 1926, Church sent lettuce by rail from California as far away as the coast of Maine and, as the locomotive steamed its way to each new stop, the town folk would gather along the tracks calling out with anticipation: “The icebergs are coming, the icebergs are coming!” Hence, a popular lettuce name was born, and with it, the fledgling beginnings of the freshness technologies and company that would later change the face of the produce industry: Fresh Express. Learn more about our history here.
When did Fresh Express begin making ready-to-eat salads?
Founder Bruce Church began his career in this industry in 1926 when he purchased some acres of lettuce. A few years later, he was involved with packing lettuce in ice to enable nationwide shipping by train.
His descendants developed the technology to package salads and keep them fresh in the 1980’s. We are proud to be the brand you can trust for freshness, great taste, safety, convenience and outstanding variety. We are in touch with consumers and work hard to ensure we win their hearts – and smiles – each and every day. Find out more about our history here.
I’ve read articles on “the truth about bagged lettuce.” What does your company think about packaged salads?
As a pioneer for convenient, pre-packed salad for national distribution, for over thirty years, we consider ourselves experts on salad freshness. Our salads are picked at the peak of ripeness and then kept fresh all along their way to our customers, including a proprietary bag technology that keeps our vegetables in our salads fresh and flavorful without preservatives. Our safety practices are considered a gold standard in the food industry, which means you can serve our salads with confidence.
Each week, millions of people eat a Fresh Express salad! And we’re proud that because of our convenient salads, many people are able to enjoy the benefits of salad more often than they would without ready-to-eat offerings like Fresh Express.

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