7 Steps of Prevention<sup>®</sup>

7 Steps of Prevention®

Food safety is one of our top priorities. We’re very proud that our 7 Steps of Prevention® safety
practices have become widely recognized throughout the food industry.
1. Excellence Before Everything

Before the first seed is even planted, sound food safety and Good Agricultural Practices are already in place. Our growers and harvesters must meet the high standards we have developed for growing and field practices, irrigation and water quality, resource management, sanitation, harvesting
and much more.

2. Reap the Best

Each year our Food Safety specialists inspect crop fields, complete individual audit surveys and conduct many, many product safety reviews. Audits may be conducted prior to growing, and during production and harvest.

3. Pack in Prevention

All of our leafy greens are carefully and thoroughly washed, blended and prepared using our custom processes. Then they are packaged using our specially-developed breathable bags and containers designed to maintain freshness. Each type of lettuce or custom salad mix receives its own packaging system adjusted for optimal freshness – all to ensure the most enjoyable experience for you.

Just as in growing the crop, prevention is a primary focal point in our facilities. We meticulously adhere to follow FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act requirements including Current Good Manufacturing Practices and principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Our rigorous system is designed to prevent and mitigate against potential problems during the entire salad-making process.

Our quality team conducts food safety and quality tests in our salad facilities. In fact, we perform multiple tests all day long. We are also evaluated by third-party auditors to ensure our high standards.

4. Train & Educate in Food Safety

At Fresh Express, we are firm believers that continual training and ongoing education at all levels are critical to food safety vigilance. Our employees attend and conduct training sessions and seminars every year on food safety and quality.

We also conduct special sessions for our alliance of growers to ensure they are adept at all of our enhanced requirements and that their teams and crews are equally prepared to fulfill their food safety obligations each and every day.

Our large food safety and quality team of professionals includes food scientists, agronomists, soil scientists and other experts. They work throughout our processes to ensure that our efforts stay at the forefront of food safety excellence.

5. Traceability

Another important component of an effective food safety program is the ability to trace leafy greens products back to where they are grown, and forward to where they are distributed. We use coordinated bar-code tracking technology that’s second to none.

Our extensive, fully integrated traceability system has been in place for many years.

6. Safe & Secure

At Fresh Express, we are committed to ensuring the security of the food supply. We maintain stringent security requirements at each facility, whether in the fields, in our plants, or during transportation and shipping.

For example, we utilize a “truck seal” program that limits the potential for tampering from the time our salads leave our facilities, to the time they carefully unloaded at their destination.

7. Prepare & Respond with Speed

Our highly skilled staff responds quickly and thoroughly to any special situation. We’ve designed customized alerts so we can mobilize a rapid response team immediately to handle any safety concerns that may arise.

We are really proud of our food safety accomplishments. Most importantly, we are proud to make it possible for consumers like you to enjoy fresh, safe and delicious salads every day.

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