Lettuce Trio®

Lettuce Trio®

Three perennial favorites – iceberg, romaine and green leaf lettuces – make up our Lettuce Trio blend. For those who like to mix things up a little – or maybe your family loves iceberg, yet you’re ready to try something just a little different – Lettuce Trio is a great place to start!

What’s inside:Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce.
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Jar it Up

Next time you make a dressing, make it, shake it, store it and take it – all in one container!

Fresh Fact
Our facts are so fresh, they’re worth spreading in more ways than one!
Fresh Fact

“Iceberg Lettuce” was a thing

Our thing! Back in the 1930s, our founder, Bruce Church started shipping fresh heads of lettuce across the country in ice-packed rail cars. People started calling it “iceberg lettuce” and the name stuck.