Jambalaya Salad

Jambalaya Salad

Jambalaya Salad

The new Fresh Express® Butter Supreme blend turns this easy jambalaya recipe into a delicious salad.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Salad
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • 2 (5-ounce) packages Fresh Express® Butter Supreme
  • 1 (8-ounce) package Zatarain’s Jambalaya Rice
  • 6 ounces cooked andouille sausage, sliced
  • 6 ounces peeled and deveined raw shrimp
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • Sun-dried Tomato vinaigrette
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Cornbread, if desired


  • Combine Zatarain’s Jambalaya Rice, 2-1/2 cups water, andouille sausage, shrimp, and corn in a 3-quart saucepan; mix well. Bring to a boil; reduce heat to low. Cover and cook for 25 minutes or until the rice is tender and liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  • Divide the Fresh Express® Butter Supreme evenly among four shallow bowls. Drizzle with Sun-dried Tomato vinaigrette. Top with the rice mixture and tomatoes.
  • Serve with cornbread, if desired.
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