Embark on a culinary journey to the bustling streets of India with the NEW Fresh Express® Tikka Masala Chopped Salad Kit!

Crisp red and green cabbage, nutrient-packed kale, and fresh green leaf lettuce form the base of this mouthwatering salad, while shredded carrots add a touch of natural sweetness. This kit includes delightful flatbread strips, toasted coconut shavings, and crispy lentils to add a crunch to every bite.

The light Tikka Masala Dressing has a subtle yet flavorful taste that complements the fresh vegetables without overpowering them. It is light and perfect for those who prefer a gentler taste.

You’ll love this salad kit because:

1. It offers exotic flavors and easy preparation. Ready in minutes, this salad kit brings the vibrant tastes of India to your table without the hassle of extensive prep work.

2. It is nutritious and delicious. With a focus on fresh ingredients, each salad is a balanced meal that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

3. It is a fusion of texture and taste. Crispy vegetables, crunchy lentils, flatbread strips, and toasted coconut shavings deliver a sensory experience in every bite.

4. It’s a versatile meal. Perfect on its own or as a side dish for your dinner, our Tikka Masala Chopped Salad Kit adapts to fit your meal plan.

Grab Fresh Express® Tikka Masala Chopped Kit today and enjoy taste of India with every bite.

Available at select Walmart stores for a limited time!

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