Fresh Express Celebrates the Nation’s Farmers during National AgRICULTURE Week – March 21-27 

March 17, 2022, Orlando, FL ― In celebration of National Agriculture Week, March 21-27, Fresh Express is rallying its consumers nationwide to honor the hardworking farmers and agricultural communities who provide the country’s diverse food supply.  Fresh Express is encouraging all to say, “Thank You!” ― especially to lettuce and leafy greens growers who, all combined, make up the bountiful Salad Bowl of the nation.  

The Fresh Express campaign, being released nationally through all of its social media channels, will run throughout the remainder of March 2022.

In addition, Fresh Express is commemorating National Ag Week with the release of an informational video entitled “From our Farm,” featuring prominent California and Arizona farmer,  Jerry Rava of Rava Ranches Inc., a family-owned and operated company that uses sustainable agricultural practices to produce safe, high-quality fresh produce while minimizing the environmental impact on the land.  The video also features Fresh Express President, John P. Olivo. 

According to Olivo, the farmers and ranchers who grow produce for Fresh Express are carefully selected and highly valued.  “Our Ag partners not only utilize advanced practices to produce superior quality lettuces and leafy greens, but they also demonstrate immense understanding of and respect for the land each and every day.” 

Fresh Express works closely with seasonal farmers and ranchers in several abundant growing regions throughout the U.S. and Mexico, including, for example, Salinas Valley, Huron and Imperial, California; Yuma,  Arizona;  San Luis Valley, Colorado;  Elmore and Pandora, Ohio; Moultrie, Georgia; Elba and Stanley, New York; Elizabeth City and Wilson, North Carolina;  Belle Glade, FL and El Bajio, MX. 

About Fresh Express®

Fresh Express®is the brand leader in Value Added Salads and is dedicated to providing consumers with healthy, convenient ready-to-eat salads, leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. With the invention of its special Keep Crisp® bag in the 1980s, Fresh Express pioneered the retail packaged salad category and was the first to make them available to grocery stores nationwide. Today, Fresh Express fresh salads come in more than 100 different varieties offering exciting new flavors and convenient new ways to meet the daily dietary requirements for both conventional and organic fresh produce. More than 14 million consumers each week enjoy healthy, convenient ready-to-eat Fresh Express salads, spinach and vegetables. For more information, visit

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