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Veggie Spring Mix

Veggie Spring Mix

Try our Spring Mix packed with lots of veggies including carrots, cabbage and radishes!

What’s inside: Carrots, Red Cabbage, Radishes, Green Romaine Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce, Green Oak Lettuce, Red Romaine Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce, Red Oak Lettuce, Tango Lettuce, Lolla Rossa Lettuce, Spinach, Red Bok Choy, Arugula, Mizuna, Ingredients May Vary.
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Kitchen Tip

Put an Egg on It

It’s a myth that egg yolk is filled with “bad” cholesterol. Actually, one large egg contains important nutrients like vitamin D, riboflavin, phosphorous and selenium.

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Fresh Fact

We’ve got this Fresh Thing in the Bag

Did you know that lettuces continue to “breathe” after they’re picked? That’s why we designed breathable bags with the perfect environment for preserving that just-picked flavor you love.