Fresh at Every Step

For a salad to make it to your plate wilt free, it takes lots of fresh principles and practices. And ours don’t just meet industry standards – they exceed industry standards. It all starts as soon as a leaf is picked. Here’s how your salad stays fresh from the farm to your table.

Freshness Starts in the Field

The first step toward a fresh salad is starting with the best seeds. Then we harvest at the peak of ripeness.

Coolness is Key

But how do we keep that just-picked flavor? We call it our “cold chain” and it starts when the salad leaves the field. Cold temperatures are critical to freshness. That’s why our “cold chain” works hard to keep our salads chilled every step of the way on their journey to you.

It’s that Clean and Simple

We thoroughly wash, rinse and then dry our salads gently using our own custom processes – making sure to keep them cool at every step along the way.

We’ve got Fresh in the Bag

After each salad is carefully prepared, it’s sealed in our special Keep-Crisp® bag. These bags are especially designed by experts to let the salad leaves breathe so the freshness lasts longer.

Delivering Fresh Daily

Our regional farms and facilities keep our salad as close to you as possible, whether you’re in the East, West or Midwest. And by using refrigerated truck transportation, we can deliver our salads to you faster because for fresh produce, faster means fresh.

We’re Fresh – Guaranteed!

At Fresh Express, we are so passionate about getting you fresh, high quality food, that we stand behind each salad. We guarantee the freshness of every leaf, every single day.

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