Our Sustainability Practices

At Fresh Express, sustainability is our responsibility. We are committed to reducing plastic usage, cutting emissions, and improving water conservation.

We’re Reducing Emissions

For every 100-gallons of fuel conserved, Fresh Express keeps more than 1 ton of greenhouse gases from entering our environment.

Throughout the years, in our partnership with the EPA's SmartWay initiative, we have improved fuel efficiency and reduced food miles (the number of miles required to deliver our products to your store) by 16 percent. These efforts are equivalent to removing 200,000 cars from U.S. roads per year.

Water Conservation is Our Priority

Fresh Express is one of the nation’s packaged salad suppliers developing and leading standards for high-density planting practices. Although technically challenging, the industry has adopted this practice, since it has proven to increase yields, reduce growing costs and make more efficient use of land and water.

Organic Matters

What makes our organic salads officially
“organic”? Let us explain!