Update Regarding Fresh Express Romaine Lettuce

And Romaine-Containing  Products

Fresh Express sources romaine lettuce ONLY  from regions that have been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they are not associated with the recent illness outbreak.  


These cleared winter growing regions include Yuma AZ, Imperial Valley CA, Florida, Central Mexico and Northern Mexico. 


On December 13, FDA named a ranch in Santa Barbara County, CA where one water sample from a reservoir tested positive for the outbreak strain.  This ranch is not an approved Fresh Express grower and Fresh Express has not and does not source any leafy greens from it.


All Fresh Express romaine-containing products are now clearly labeled with the growing region and a “harvested after” date.


The health and wellbeing of consumers is our highest priority and you may have full confidence in the safety and quality of all Fresh Express salads and leafy greens – including romaine lettuce.